Tree Treatments

Tree Treatments Nashville, TNWhen you have a well designed landscape, you want to be assured that all the trees and plantings stay healthy & looking good right through the year. While watering the plants and trimming and pruning them are very important, it is equally important that the plants be pest free. It’s not uncommon for pest infestations to crop up even in the most well maintained gardens. It’s also very important that the lawns, shrubs and plants in your garden and yard be treated with the right fertilizers and pesticides to keep them healthy from the root to the leaves.

We at Nashville Tree Solutions are one of the leading tree treatment companies across Nashville, Lebanon, Mt Juliet, Smyrna, and Brentwood. We have over 45 years of experience in this industry and are a force to reckon with. Today, when commercial or residential property owners think of tree services, our company is the one they prefer for the job.

We also have a large number of long time customers across La Vergne, Green Hill, Hendersonville and Franklin and Nolensville. When it comes to addressing tree pest infestations, its best to tackle them on time, as these have a tendency to spread very rapidly from one tree to another. We always recommend that property owners opt for our preventive tree treatments.

Tree Treatment Plans

As part of these services, we send out our expert personnel to your location, at regular intervals. They will make a note of all the trees that have to be treated. Each tree, big and small will be checked thoroughly for infestations. You will also be provided a detailed tree treatment plan that will include:
  • Early growth protection- This is the best way to minimize any early seasonal damage to the tree and its foliage. We use specialized organic tree treatments and solutions that are very effective in fighting damage created by insects.
  • Mid-season foliage protection- This provides protection from aphids, scale, lace bugs and other similar pests.
  • Late season foliage protection- It provides additional protection against different, late-occurring mites/insects and it improves the vigor and health of your trees.
  • Root Zone Fertilization- Micronutrients will be injected into the root; this helps stimulate the deep root development growth and leaf color.
  • Overwintering insect control- Certain garden insects can survive even in the cold winter months and our overwintering treatment helps prevent the damage these pests cause.
  • Horticultural Oil- It helps control very stubborn insects which are in the overwintering stage. This protects the landscaping from damage.
  • Targeted Trunk Injection- This selective treatment corrects nutrient imbalances, controls pests and it enhances plant health & color.

If you are looking for a company that provides excellent organic tree treatments, Nashville Tree Solutions is the company to call. For more information, connect with us at 615)-239-9223. We provide 24/7 Emergency Support services. You can also contact us using this online form.