Tree Services

Here is an overview of the types of tree services that we provide our commercial and residential clients throughout greater Nashville, TN. Some of the more popular service requests are of course tree removal and tree stump removal and grinding. If you have a need for a professional arborist then we are the right company for the job; don’t hesitate to contact us today. Read more about Tree Services >>

Tree Removal

When embarking on a tree removal project it really is best to use a professional company like ours here at Tree Solutions. You can be assured that any size tree, even larger ones, will be removed using the correct equipment and in the safest manner. The last thing you want is to damage any surrounding property or structures! Read more about Tree Removal >>

Tree Trimming & Pruning

In this article we at Nashville Tree Solutions would like to provide some information on our tree trimming and pruning services. It really is a good idea to get the help and advice from an experienced tree service company like ours just to ensure that your tree’s are trimmed and pruned correctly so as not to damage them! Read more about Tree Trimming & Pruning >>

Tree Treatments

If you think you need the help of a tree doctor due to one or several of your trees not looking their best then don’t hesitate to contact us today. We understand how important trees are for the environment and that some trees may have been on your property for so long that they are just part of it. Your tree may have a disease that may be saved with the right treatment methods. Read more about Tree Treatments >>

Large Tree Removals

In this article we will discuss the removal of large trees. It will really open your eyes to the importance of using a professional company like us here at Nashville Tree Solutions for the removal of larger trees. They need top removed by experienced contractors who have all the right equipment and who will ensure that they are removed safely and without damaging any surrounding property or structures. Read more about Large Tree Removals >>


There is no doubt that getting the help and advice from a professional and experienced tree arborist is the right thing to do when dealing with any type of tree. There are trees that are very large and very rare that you need expert advice on how to handle them. If you need advice on any type or size of tree then contact us here at Nashville Tree Solutions today for a free consultation. Read more about Arborists >>